Pictures about the puppies

it is not easy to make pictures about the always moving dog-babies. I had easier job with my children, when they were babies. But these puppies are always moving, unable stay calm. I think next time I will try to do the photo session on a blanket laid down to the floor. in this way I do not need to afraid of the falling down from the sofa.  FWhen Femi want to go out for a pee I start making pictures. I have only 2-3 minutes, while she is running accross the garden to check nothing strange thing is here, then she come back and want to come inside the house immediately. So it is hard work to make professional pictures such a short time.  In spite of this I was able to do some sweet photos. I made picstures about the boy no.1., who was more relaxed then yesterday. I made pictures about the girl no.1 and girl no.3. The 1. has the biggest white collar and more white on her head. The 3. is something special, I would like to keep her, but no, I think she will have the best home ever. I am very proud for Femi, she is so brave and so talented mum. She doesn’t want to eat pet food, prefers to cook her. never mind, this time is only about her and her puppets.