Life is going on

Sorry my friends abroad, I had time only now to translate this article  into English.

So where I should begin?

Last week I have so many things to do, so I do not know where I should start my story.

Luckily Femi is a really good mum, puppies are growing fast. We have tons of inquiries, thank you very much for your trust in our breeding. The pups from Femi x Duke litter all spoken about, inquiries welcome for the Chelsea litter.

Last Wednesday and Thursday Blatt started to being mad about Chelsea. I do not know what happened, maybe the smell of Femi caused this, but I saw that he shows that a female is ready to be mated. Like Chelsea was in season, I thought maybe we have mated her too early and now is the optimal time for the stud. I waited, but on Friday I was really stressed about the situation and decided to search a vet who can do a quick blood test for progesterone to see what is the situation with Chelsea’s season. Like we went to mate her after vet’s examination, but the failure is always a chance, and like Chelsea’s season is sometimes a split-heat, in this way we had to find out what is going on. I called some clinics, talked to my friend Móni and Gábor, and decided to do the blood test. Why? Vets and breeders say, that the best indicator for the bitch’ heat is the progesterone test. They usually make cervix examination, too for the best result. The progesterone level is around 15 when the bitch has to be mated, 16 on the LH peak. I started to search the vet where they can do an immediately blood test. First I called Szombathely, after then I have found a very good clinic in Teskánd. The plan was, if the progesterone level shows, that Chelsea is in season now, we start to re-mate her.  As I felt in my heart she is already finished it, but I would have liked to be sure. Blatt is 10 years old, it can be that his nose not so good now, or too much heating girls were around him in the last few weeks.

Gábor arrived home from the work, the kids went to my parents, I talked him what is the situation, so started to Teskánd, Trivet Clinic. Here is two very professional ultrasound machines, lab for testing blood and cervix, and they way is only 50 minutes from us. I called them, they said they were waiting for us. When we arrived it was a big surprise for us, because the assistant knew us, like our boy Snow from the Chelsea x Blatt litter is their patient, too. Thank you very much for your help and the professional service. They let blood from Chelsea, examined her belly with ultrasound and watched her cervix, too. All results showed that Chelsea has already finished the season, and she was mated good time with Xandro last week, so we can be optimistic about the puppies.

The dogs got their protection against ticks. They youngsters got Nexgrad Spectra, which is the best solution against thicks, flea and heart-worms. The adults got their Nexgard. I never use drugs for females in whelp or having babies, so Chelsea and Femi can not go out from the garden now and we use the Husse natural products to keep the thicks and fleas away.