HCSC Speciál CAC

03.09.2017 was the day of the HCSC Special CAC show held in Budapest under the judge Mr István Székely.

The date was not so ideal for us because of the summer holiday and school starting next Monday for the kids. But I knew, that Flynn must be there, because the judge likes his type. So I talk to my friends maybe they can help a little bit to ship Flynn to Budapest and handle him at the show. Special thanks to Tamara Miskovits and Cecilia Friderics for their help. Flynn did great job: at first he won HPJ after got the Junior BOB. I was optimistic for the BIS program and yes, he did it! He won res Junior Best in Show and he is only 10 months old now! I am over the Moon!

I hope somebody made pictures and will come back with them soon…