The Glaucoma story

Few months ago the Roslin Insitut published their genetic test for glaucoma in border collies.
I would like to thank all breeders worldwide who help to fill in the databases to help us to produce healthy puppies.Sadly human is poor, not everybody is interested in clinical eye examinations and DNA testing.
Personally I checked all active dogs in my breeding program and all were normal.
Here is the official publication of Roslin:
,,NN dogs can have gonio. In the dogs involved in the study, NN dogs were more likely to be ‘clear’ for gonio or have mild gonio. There were no NN dogs with severe gonio and none with glaucoma.

NG dogs can have gonio. They may be clear for gonio, they may have mild gonio or they may have severe gonio. The dogs in the study were more likely to be clear for gonio or have mild gonio than severe gonio. None of the NG dogs in the study had glaucoma.

GG dogs in the study typically had gonio and it was more likely to be severe. Not all GG dogs in the study had developed glaucoma but all dogs in the study with glaucoma were GG.

So, if your dog has got gonio, it can have any of the three genotypes (NN, NG, GG) but in the dogs we tested, only dogs that were GG developed glaucoma.

Just to be clear, as the researchers who investigated gonio/glaucoma, none of us receive any money from the tests that the various labs are offering.

Carys Pugh
Roslin Institute
University of Edinburgh”

So you can see, that dogs with GG will not sure be suffer from glaucoma, and there is a chance for this problem with carriers or normals only with less chance.
Breeding dogs will be harder and harder every day because sometimes a bad, nervous, ugly dog can be a stud dog, because it has normal health tests. Personally I think, we will know more after tests, but our job is to learn from it how to do it better.
It was shocking me, that there are too many carriers.
Many years ago I have check all eye examinations of the stud dogs we have used, all were normal, no problems. Like my own dogs. But unfortunately I was made two risky combinations. Now I will use only genetically tested dogs in breeding to clean my lines. But do not forget, that illnesses and test come out every week and we have to care not to pull out the baby with the water.

Blatt is genetically normal, Naja is affected. In this way the samples of Rosé and Nexee was sent for testing.I do not know Femi will be tested or not, because I do not plan any future litters from her.
Hope, Honey and Foltos will be tested soon.