Chelsea’s litter

It seems, that Chelsea is empty now. We visited the vet again and we can not see any puppies inside. We have learnt again, so next time we will do more tests before to go to mate him with Xandro. He is such a stunning boy, that I know that a very special litter will arrive. It is the time of waiting.

I feel different every day, I know there is a cause why this is happening. Now Femi’s babies are here, I am back to work, so I am a little bit overcrowded with the things I need to do every day. Everything has its reason. Naja is a beautiful young lady now, Flynn will be 9 months old in the end of July, so we will have time for showing them. We plan to cross Europe to show our young paw gang.

Looking forward and never give up!

We have litter plans with the youngsters for 2018.

I plan to mate Naja to Flynn and I am thinking on Hope, too. It can be that I will use a stud dog from my own breeding. We will see.