On Tuesday the veterinary examination said Chelsea is ready to be mated. We had million things to do, so we decided to start to Vienna on Wednesday morning, sleep there and Thursday go back then home.

I have never driven so much before, furthermore alone!

I planned to visit my friend Móni, because we haven’t more for ages, saidly I was able to start later, so I had to let this option. Sorry Móni.

So we have started with Chelsea, the sun was shining, it was an ideal weather for travelling, nobody thought this will change soon?!…about this a little bit later…The traffic was normal, no traffic jams or overcrowded roads, only because of my stupidness I was made a little loop-way. I did not want to drive on the motorway, I did not want to drive trough Vienna. Like the stupid GPS is always want to use the motorway I stopped, bought a ticket and decided to go! My GPS found itself, we arrived to Vienna soon, we luckily crossed the town, we met only a little traffic jam above the Danube. The roads in Vienna are easily used, well organized and well-builted. I have never driven in a big city, I have never driven so much alone, but it was very good! I enjoyed every minute! After this I am ready to start anywhere and anywhen alone if it is necessary! I promise I will use the motorways!

Finally we arrived to the stud dog, everything went easily, Chelsea  was a little bit reluctant at first, was the male mated her. A few beautiful pictures were made what i will publish after the ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy in the end of May. I think positive, we will have pups from this beautiful combination.

Well I started back to my accomodation it started to rain heavily. Everybody go by 100 km/h, so I had to keep the speed, because after the trucks I was unable to see anything.  Thanks God, I arrived safe in Hungary, the rain calmed down, there was only a little drizzle in Mosonmagyaróvár.

Today morning I was woken up by Chelsea 5 o’clock, we had a walk in a very foggy weather. I thought I eat a breakfast in the hotel and start to Vienna early, because I have to arrive home for the Mother-Day celebration. But the hotel said the breakfast starts only at 7. What I could do? I left the hotel, went to the Lidl to buy some food and few minutes before 8 arrived to Vienna.

The dogs took out once more and after a life-saving coffee I started back to Nagykanizsa. I came on Vienna-Kőszeg-Szombathely-Zalaegerszeg-Nagykanizsa way. the road is perfect, I was able to keep the 100 km/h so before 14.00 I arrived home safe and sound! Now the sun burned out my eyes, I have never talked yesterday I have problems like this.

I report, that Femi still in one…

Now I off for the Mother-Day celebration. My little Sweeties are missing so much!