Hard breeders life

The life is not easy as a breeder. I am waiting for a tricolour border collie girl since Szeder’s last litter was born in 2011.

Now it was almost a miracle, a magic, when these tricolour baby girls arrived. I was close to criing.

And now I have two well-known and very good owners for these girls, and I am in such a hard decision to let one of them go or listen to my heart (brain?) to keep one.

Many years ago, when i had only three dogs said I will never have more than 4. Oh my God! Now I live with 7 and thinking on to keep the 8th one.

Yes, my dogs are close to my heart, all dogs have their own things why we love them so much. But the problem is, that I have too many retired dogs. And retired not because of their age, but health problems. But I need the young hopes to bulid up my dreams.

At winter we will mate Honey- I hope so- and like she has different line from my females but daughter of Blatt I will keep a male from her.

Naja is still young, 2 years old, will finish her champions this year later when she comes back in coat. Nexee will debut on shows from autumn, she is a little copy of Naja, only with stronger bones. She will be a very attractive girl I think. And there is a good chance, that Over the Rise will stay with us. I have to listen to my feelings. Everything has it’s own reason.