Autumn life

After busy working days, busy weekends comes. We have already started the renovation of the garage. We plan to bulid a new puppyroom, and I would like to see my hughe garden.

Femi is in heat now, Ican only hope for Naja and Chelsea to late a little bit. I think they will be mated in the end of October or early November. The foregoing month will be about the renovating, but in November I would like to show Flynn again in different countries. Hopefully he will finish the Croatian and Hungarian championship. After the pups moved we will travel a lot again. I hope we can reach the countries I am planning to visit many years ago.

I think (hope) X-mas will be about the puppy-waiting. I am still thinking about a last litter from Femke and Flynn. What Femi gave me is more than I have ever expected. Flynn is Flynn, he has the nicest caracter I have every seen. He loves everybody, the best dog ever! Like Blatt. Yesterday I talked to my friend about Blatt’ sons, she said how much they like this puppy boy. He is full of life, easy-to handle and will-to-please. To me the breedign means not only to breed show dogs, it is more important to breed healthy and super-temperament puppieswho will be perfect for fasmily pets. Our pups stay with us inside the house till 5 weeks of age. This time they learn all noises: hoover, TV, kids…my 3 kids is the warranty, that our babies get the best socialization ever.

Breeding is my way of life. Not only a free-time activity, but passion and a life-long learning process.

I am not keen on fashion trends in breeding, only the breed. I believe we have to care only for the standard. We must not rewrite the standards, we have to keep the border collie in it’s own gentility and never loose sight of the function.