Flynn, x-ray, session 2.

Like a reputable breeder I think, that only the look-like not enough reason for breeding. The border collie is one of the most popular breeds of the world today, and sadly many people think, they have to make litters. The rules for breeding in Hungary are very simple, so only the breeders profession can decide about the quality of the litter. In the last 10 years we had make hard decisions to make this beautiful breed forward in look-like and temperament, too. I have spent uncountable hours with learning and work to do my best. I do not regret a minute. The only thing I am totally upset about, when people start breeding with a dog, who should have been neutered many years ago. The financial expenditure and  acquisition cost are not enough reason to make puppies, because having puppies is fun! Pusztán az anyagi ráfordítás és a magas bekerülési érték nem lehet oka annak, hogy lehozzunk egy almot, mert kiskutyázni jó. Even more confused I am, when someone starts breeding in spite of the forbidding contract. Contract is contract, both party have to keep it! According to this I have to tell you, that after a special treatment cure we x-rayed Flynn and his hips are as baas before. In this way I we had to make the decision, and yesterday we have neutered him. He is one of the most beautiful border collie I have ever seen, and the sweetest temperament I have ever had. I can not be thankful enough that he can live with us. If we do something, let’s do it well, not from half-shoulder, not like a joke, but let’s do it 100%!

(Picture about Nivo and owner Nicole, made by Michelle Weber)