Husse pet food and FiskePulver test

It is no secret that our dogs eat Husse food from Sweden, We tried almost all varies of this kind of pet food. Like our dogs ate grain-free and fish pet food, in this way we preferred these kind of food from Husse, too. We have young and old dogs as well, and they need different feeding.

Flynn is almost 7 months old now, he eats Valp now every morning, because he needs more energy to develop. To care for his joints we give him Giant or Maxi food in the evening, which contains glukozamin and kondroitin sulfate. Our females are whelp or having puppies eat Valp, too. Femi’s puppies are strong and healthy, growing fast. Femi is in very strong condition, nobody thinks she has 6 puppies.

Mira and Blatt eat Giant food because of their age (both are over ten years) and joints, and like Blatt is eating like a wolf. Giant food is in bigger size to avoid the bolting.

The real meat content of Husse is much higher than usual. They have monoprotein food from lamm and lax which are suitable to dogs suffer from allergy.

Zoli called me today to offer me a new product from Norway, in a few days we will start testing the FiskePulver.

Who read the blog knows, that we had problems with the fertilization and oeastrum of Femi.  All examination was normal, so the vet suggested to give selenpet, because it helps a lot and we can get a higher number of puppies. It contains different vitamins, selene, and Omega 3-6. It has also positive effect to hormon balance. When I visited the site of FiskePulver saw, that it can be the natural alternative for the same problem. While the first product contains E-vitamin 0,6 mg, selene 30 mg, EPA 90 mg, DHA 59,8 mg per capsule, then 10 g FiskePulver contains: DHA 43 mg, EPA 40 mg, selene 18,3 pg, furthermore zinc, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, kalium, manganese, Fe, vitamins,  B12, A, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, B9. If you advocate of the natural food supplements, you should use it: senior dogs, after operation, before mating for short period and in the first two weeks of the pregnancy, nursing period, for joint problems. The producer offers it to roborate the immune system, reduction of inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer. It is offered to  dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits and mini-pigs.:D In a short time we will come back with our  experiences.