Here is the spring, ready to dance

In our home the ball season is now, instead of the carneval. And sometimes in autumn, when the girls decide to heat in the same time.

In Autumn Naja started her very first season in the end of October, and the others followed her. Femi is a little bit strange with her every 4-5 heat, so I could only hope for Naja will be different. Femi started her season in the end of February, and mated her to Duke on 8-10th March.  naja started the heat in mid April, Chelsea followed her after a week or 10 days.Flynn is still a baby dog, but Blatt is going to be mad shortly. Poor Blatt.

We have big lucky and thanks God letting us to buy the neighbour parcel, and we have a huge garden on circa 4200 squaremeters. We can easily separate them. Naturally the most susceptible period is spent inside the house to avoid the accidents. The fantasy and ingenuity of as tud dog is boundless.

Blatt is ready to play a role of  a bad nose dog, and everything shows that the heat is finished. A moment enough for him if you are not care enough, the thing is done. He is the master of misguidance. In this way when I think, the season is ended, I wait one more week, make a full dog-wash and only after this can turn back to the normal way of life.

Exciting life, especially when I have to make forward two adult dogs from the girls. We spend a lot time and money to solve this fluently.

The puppy pen is almost ready, but I am still thinking on the socket. Now I think the solution will be the painted concrete. It is easy to clean up, washable and durable.

We can not wast time, Femi’s welping box is ready, today is 49. day. So puppies will arrive soon.

From tomorrow we will go to the vet with Chelsea to examine her cervix to know the optimal date of mating.  Last years Blatt mated her on 12. and 14. day, and pups arrive on the 62th. I hope she follows the same way and we can mate her around 30thApril-1st May. If not, my God, we would have a very dense program for early May.

Children are looking forward to the delivery of the puppies , Barni started to practice with Naja at home.

if the weather let me , I will make a video about Áki and Naja playing hide and seek in the garden! They are so charming!