Travelling to the Czech Republic

Naja started her heat two weeks ago. Like we had two unsuccessful mating in the last two years, we decided to do more tests before travelling.
The first progesterone test was made on last Thursday. The result was 1.36, so we have decided to try again on Monday. The Monday’s test was 3.3, the Wednesday’s 6.2. Perfect, everything happened like we planned.
After a hard long week at work, we chose to travel with my husband only. The kids went to my mother, so on Friday morning we have started to the Czech Republic. On the way there we stopped in Fertőszentmiklós to visit my friend Móni and have eaten lunch at Fertőd. We had a little problem with buying the Austrian motorway ticket-so we left the motorway as fast as we could, and the same problem with the Slovakian too. They said it was not possible to pay buy card only by cash. But we had only Euro and credit card. Hahaha…I bought it via online by card, LOL…it was very very funny. I will buy all my tickets via internet next time.
So from Bratislava the trip was nice, we could drive easily, only it was a little bit overcrowded at Brno.
We have arrived as planned, at the first mating happened very quickly. We have chosen a very nice boy for Naja. He is International Show Champion, Champion of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. He is Junior BIS! Naturally he has all health tests needed and glaucoma clear. He is a very balanced dog, always will-to-please, ready to work. He is succesful in agility and work. He has some exams. He is an English type, show line border collie, but his father is from New Zealand.His mother is line-bred to Beagold Mr Lennox.
This litter will add well-known and new lines to our breeding program. I expect active, but balanced border collies with a classical touch. Not less not too much, a real elegance what a border collie should have be, as I think. The boy has stolen my heart as first sight, when I saw pictures about his movement. I am very optimistic now, like we made three matings.
We had time to visit Olomouc, it is such a beautiful historical town I have not seen before.
So now we have arrived home, with huge hopes.
Ultrasound around 10th November.