Arrival of our ,,M” puppies

I watch Femi’s temp for the 56th day to try to avoid to perpetrate me like she did last year and the years before.

I measured 37.7 and 37.6, then yesterday morning it was 37.3 and in the afternoon 36.8. The Az 56. naptól kezdve 37.7 és 37.6 körüli értékeket mértem, majd tegnap délelőtt 37.3-at, délután 3-kor pedig 36.8-at. The opening stage is always long for Femi, the yeaning starts slowly in this way I had to be up close to 56 hours. In the evening she started to scratching, she did not eat anything, so I decided to stay up and we will see. It was around 1.15, when nothing changed so I decided to go to bed to rest a few hours. Naturally Femi si inside the house and like I am sleeping like an owl, I would have been ready for every noise to go help if needed. I woke up 4.30, nothing changed, her temp was 37.2- so the kids and my husband went working, and now it seems the delivery definetly started. Her pain is bigger, she is wheezing, so we are very close…I think we do not have to wait to much for the babies.

A new and very important moment come into the kennel’s life. After thinking and working weeks on the new website, it is finally ready. Special thanks to my husband, and to Gergő Kovács, the owner of Evonit Consulting for their help.

Please visit our site till we come back with the fresh puppy informations and pictures!