Litter ,,O” arrived!

I temp Femi’s fever for last week, because I believe that this method helps to show the delivery of the puppies. The method worked again.

On monday morning it was 37.4, when I arrived home from the morning work around 11 o’clock it was 36.6. In the afternoon I told to my Boss, who is my vet in the same body, that maybe tomorrow is the day. I did not spend too much hours with sleeping, because Femi was walking all night, want make her baby-box on the sofa, so I had to wake up every hour to take her back to the whelping-box. On Tuesday morning the kids went to school and I went working, because I saw that we still have time. Luckily that days was the most perfect one, so I came home at 10.30. The temp was around 37. I still had to wait a little for the delivery of the puppies.


At 13.50 the first baby arrived. I told Móni, that we have the first black girl. But when I took her out of the box to dry up saw, that she is a tricolour! What a hell?! Where tri is from? I know that tri is in my lines, but there was no tri in the F litter from Dante and Süti. And we thought that Duke is tri carrier and there was only blacks. So we we all failed. Femi has tri from Dante.

I hoped for the easy delivery, but started to be very upset when I had to wait 1.5 hours for the second baby. it is sure that Móni is a miracle, because she calmed me down: Do not worry, the blue male is on the way! Yes, the blue male arrived at 15.20.

The family arrived home from school and work and my nerves totally were out this highly stressy situation, that Femi has no pains, no puppies, everything show a totally bad thing. Oh yes, I have forgotten, that she 6 now. I do not like to give oxitocine too early, but when i saw forward the chance for C section I have deiced to give 0.5 ml. Than it was 17.45 and only two puppies, more left inside, so nothing to waiting for. I can not imagine that one injection can help so much! We needed only few minutes till the delivery of the third puppy. He was so small, weak, poor. I tried to help him to survive, he woke up heavily, he was apatic, not reflex for eating. I tried everything, but he crossed the rainbow bridge during the night. It was very hard to me, because he was the first baby died since I breed border collies. rest in peace little boy!

Luckily the other two babies born not easy, but they are fine. they are giant puppies over 42 dkg. We have one more tricolour female with classical white markings and little tan dots. And we have a split white face black boy, who is like  a panda boy. He is totally black, only the head is white with one big black dot around his eye. We will see his eyes whether blue or brown.

The babies eating well, mummy is fine!