Naja – Bosnia in Herzegovina Kozara Dub Dog Show

To tell the truth I would have like to spend this weekend at home after the tireing week in work. We have spend the last weekend at Székesfehérvár 2 x CACIB shows and here are the puppies to whom we had to organize the sitting.
Like in my neighbourghood there is a dog pension I talked to him to care for my baby paws.
Hope and Blatt went to the grooming on Friday and we were ready to start. We woke up very early in the morning, because I was a little bit stressed about the border crossing. Sadly Hope totally lost her coat, but this was the pratice weekend for her. Naja still need time, but she made perfect job. I am very happy, because a lot dogs went without titles and very goods from the ring. In spite of the lack of hair and my non-professional handling Hope won both CAC shows excellent 2. behind the perfect Cataleya Rose She is a Hottie. She is a such a beautiful bitch, a very good balance and movement and with a professional handler. If you see them, you will never forget. Perfect team. Congrats to your 2 x FCI 1. win and 3rd in BIS!
Naja won 3 x CAC and 1 x CACIB titles. Such a perfect little girl!
Under three weeks she fulfilled from three countries:
7 x CAC
2 x BOB
1 x BOS
1 x BOG2
Champion of Republika Srpske
Champion of Bosnia in Herzegovina
fulfilled the conditions of HCSC Club Star
She is only 16,5 months old!
I am over the moon and can not be thankful enough for Kerstin letting me to get Duke to Femi. This is why we have repeated the litter and a little girl will travel to the UK with his brother and will be attend on shows and obedience. I hope  I will hear a lot from you Daisy!
On the way back home we had to wait one hour on the border when the policemen said this border is not entering animals into the EU. Jesus cries! We had a big luck, the main officer left his place and the policeman let us go. Please learn, if you travel from Bosnia back to the EU choose the Gradiska border.
I think all people in spite of me went to the sea, the motorway was so overcrowded, but the way was almost clear after Zagreb.
I think we will take a little rest and from autumn we will go back to the ring with a fluffy Hope, Flynn and Naja. We will go to Serbia, Croatia and naturally Hungary. So hard to decide where to enter?!  I have a friend living in Targu Mures…so it can be that we will take a visit there. I am full of energy. Let’s see the sequel!