No time for boring

Today is the 56. for Femi, so I have started to watch her temp. Last evening and today morning it was 37.7 C. We still have time, but I have to organize my time table, I can not afford any surprise, because Chelsea decided that time is here. After the examination on Friday and today the vet said, that she is ready to be mated. I was thinking that we have to start soon, because Blatt mated her on the days 13. and 14. last year. Only we have a lot work in these days, like a pretty female is here as a guest, and the final countdown for Femi is started.

Tomorrow we will start with Chelsea and I hope we will bear fruits. I was searching for the ideal studdog over months, but finally I have found him, he will add new blood and beautiful look-like in our breeding. It is no secret, that there is the chance for tricolour, so if we have a little luck, a colorful litter will arrive early July. The daddy besides being champion of many countries, is attractive and full of life, he is a herding dog and doing agility and obedience. He had a few studs before, I really love his progeny.  The topping on the cake would be a tricolour puppy.

Chelsea’s puppies from Blatt are strong and beautiful, but I started to think in a classical type, this is why I have choosen this boy.  His line is very strong with both English and Australian dogs, with a little touch of working lines. I expect elegant, timeless dogs. But you have to wait a little for the disclosure…