Serbia-Sokobanja CACIB, Aleksinac CAC

This show weekend was born in my head many months ago. I was thinking a lot whether to go or not, and it would have liked to cooperate with somebody to share the travelling costs. After the night show in Szombathely one of my friends messaged me, that she would like to take part with the 3 rough collies. So it was decided, let’s go!

I had problems with finding the best accomodation for 3 adults and 5 dogs, when I have found a nice place in Rtanj. I wrote to Tibor in Thursday about the route plan and where we should cross the border, then he said the the plan is terribly bad like the waiting time in Röszke and at the Croatian border extremely long, so we should choose Hercegszántó-Béreg to enter Serbia. The milage was almost the same, only we have lost time because of avoiding the motorways. It seemed a long 7 hours route, but nothing more.

On Friday I finished the work at 12.00, sat into the car and started. We chose the Nagykanizsa-Siófok-Szekszárd-Baja-Hercegszántó way. We easy entered to Serbia, the nightmare started when the GPS said where we have to go up to the motorway. But there was no motorway. We had to drive 200 kms on anormal road, the GPS made mistake, and calculated the driving time, as we have only driven on motorways. What a hell! We had a big traffic jam at the pay toll, had to wait an hour to get the ticket, but luckily we had drive fast from Belgrade and only the last 70 kms had to be done on simple roads.  Sadly it was dark when we arrived to the apartman in Rtanj. The owner said to drive up to the mountain, yes, it was a very high mountain with a rally road, I tought we are in the end of the world. Finally arrived, but there was no streets, I can not read the cirillic capitals, so I had to call the man that we are waiting and do not know where we are and where we should go. The screen was like film with bad guys, houses with no roofs and homeless dogs, where the time would have been stopped 20 years ago. Oh my God I thought. Than the owner has found us, he looked at my face and said do not worry, not as bad as it seems. What a joke: no Dracula living here. To tell the truth I could imagine a Dracula there. But yes, the accomodation-Bed and Breafast Radgost– was more than perfect and when it will be ready with the renovating, it will be definetly a nice place worth visiting. And did you know, that a pyramid are under the mountain? Look: Rtanj

In the morning we wake up early to start to Aleksinac, which is 50 kms from Rtanj on a mountain road. The country was more than beautiful, the lake at Bovan needed more time, but sadly we did not have too much time for sight seeing.

To tell the truth the show in Aleksinac was at perfect place, but for the organizing they should have spent more energy. Naja got CAC and BOB, Flynn PRM and BOS, so we waited for the BIS program. It was funny, the judge came us for congratulation for the BOG 1. place, than he said sorry, it goes to Kenzi. We all thought, that he would have liked to give us something, only he made a mistake. Never mind.

Then we drived to Sokobanja for the night CACIB show. It was held in a football ground, like we have arrived very early, the dogs were free from leash for playing. Luckily it was cooled down and Naja started to enjoy the show. The german shepherd owners did the same show like in the morning, they were running across the ring and screaming and piping. I have never seen a double handling like this never ever before. I can not understand why they are doing this. Naja did great job and won CAC CACIB and BOB, and Flynni PRM and BOS.  We were waiting for the BIS, where Flynni got Junior BOG 3. place. Ianka got Junior BOG 2. and all the people were whizzing when the german shepherd won. Thank you for your support!

After a long day we went sleeping and have started for the long way back home. But then we have never thought how long it will be. I think we were driving for an hour when the car said stop engine. The water was boiled up, when we slowed down it was normalised.  No problem we drived to Belgrade, but there is a very big mountain before the capital. Then the failure came again, but we had to get up to the mountain, because there was no slow lane or resting zone. Luckily we reached the peak and there was a petrol station. I said to Gábor to stop there and call the assistance, like we had still 500 kms left. We had the best chance to find a service in Belgrade.  Thanks God, that the Serbian people are so friendly and helpful. We talked to the insurance company what to do and they said that we can repair it only they need the invoice.The boys at the service were very friendly, there was an air conditioned place with coffee, where we could rest with dogs. It was 4 hours to repair the termostate, but the car is perfect since than.

We have choosen the Baja-Pécs-Kaposvár-Nagykanizsa way to drive home. We arrived home exactly midnight.

It was a very memorable weekend, like Mostar 10 years ago. I think we will talk about it many times again. I will not forget the bunny-cat, when I was so tired, that I thought, it was a rabbit instead of a cat. So we are full of experiences now.

Special thanks to Tamara, without you we have never started to such a long journey. And for my husband for driving 1500 kms and supporting my dog-business. The car will stay, but a new one is on our to-do list now.

August is for holiday, I only want to finish the Croatian Championship with Naja at autumn and Flynn will take part in juniors in more countries.