Zakopane CACIB show

The story starting with a dog, called Naja, who started her show carrier in May 2017. She need time for maturing and get her coat. At the morning of her first show in Bjelovar I was totally stressed and did not know what we will make in the ring. But after waiting 45 minutes at the border I left the bed feelings and said, I trust in my dog, I believe that she can do it. she is beautiful, look like my dream dog and look like what I always wanted to breed. So come on, do not stress.

And this little crazy girl made it! After the succesful debut we have entered her some shows and less than 2 months she collected 4 CACIB titles, many BOS and BOB and a BOG 2. title.

In December the first litter from her arrived, than she  need more time to get her coat back. This is why we could not go to earlier planned shows in June, but I was sure, that she must be in perfect condition in end of July. You can imagine how crazy I am to enter a one-day CACIB, travelling 700 kms one-way because of Naja and her show career. Yes, this is me.

her coat is enough good, but still not 100%. We have to practice the movement in the ring, but in the stand she was more than perfect.

She made it again: got CAC, CACIB and BOB from Judit Korózs-Papp. With this, she fulfilled the rules of International Show Champion at the age only 2,5 years of age!

Her daughter Nexee is a clown of Naja, need time, too, but they are like twins, so I am motivated for the future.

We would like to finish the Croatian Champion and the Hungarian with her. I do not know how much time to get the last CACIB confirmation to ask for her interchampion diploma.

We are planning her next litter for 2019. stud dog is not decided yet, always hard question. I have some plans, ideas, we will see.