We breed border collies for 10 years.We have met with several people and casts. Being a dog owner is not easy and need a lot of humanity and responsibility.
When we are planning  a litter, we take it up to our website. If somebody wants a puppy from us, puppy booking is possible for a minimal fee. After the pups were born, they can come to choose the puppy.
We always visit the places where the puppies will move. We would like to be sure, that they wil have perfect owners and home, which will be good for a border collie.
We hardly strict to sold  a puppy without our knowledge. A puppy can not sold to a third party.
If the owner can not keep the dog, we will search a new home for the dog. If they new a perfect home, we ask for the new owners details.
We warrant, that our puppies will never get  CEA, Cl and TNS, we give limited guarantee for missing teeth and hips.
We give the puppies with pedigree, microchip, inoculations and treatment against worms. They can move from 8 weeks of age.

We give a puppy box with all babies which includes food, toys, bowl and collars.

Please, if you can not agree with these points, save us to getting the contact.