Forever for You and Pets

The Aloe Story!

I believe our cells are renewed every 7-10 years. Unfortunately, Barni was not on the top this year,he was sick very often. He had upper respiratory tract disease, with a bad cough, but without the fever that doctors wanted to cure with only an expectorant and antihistamine. 
The recurrent "cold" became pneumonia by the end of June. It took 3 cans of antibiotics to get out of it (all 3 others). 
In the spring we also had a severe vomiting-diarrhea illness that I would not wish for my enemy.
So we had a pretty hard spring, so I was looking for immune boosters, natural vitamins, because I no longer believed in plain pharmacy preparations.
 And here came the lightning strike that Forever Kids! We picked it up earlier, it was good, only I did not know where to buy!

I just came across one of my high school friends dealing with Forever, I called her and within a few days the package was here. 
Kids for the children, Berry gel for cleansing our body and the Daily to Gábor and me. 
The appetite of the little ones has increased significantly after a few days, and we have finally get out of the lazyness, demotivating "I would be in bed all day" mood.
Last year I was running around 650km, this year I ran only around 300 ... 60 of which are the last 1 month's crop. 
I know I need something for refreshing 15km, so I asked for an Argi +, which gives me incredible energy. 
For months I was able to run only 5 km, but now I ran already 14.5 and 16.5 km this week and tomorrow we will go to Barni for a half marathon, he will ride on bike and bring my fuel. 
In addition to Argi + besides Blatt's complementary therapies of heart disease, diuretics and antihypertensives, he drinks twice daily Argi+ and a Kids,he loves both, her mood is better, he is barking the postman again. 
At the age of almost 13, I am happy to be able to help him.
I started believing in Forever, I was able to talk to people who had been consuming it for 20 years, doctors, veterinarians, and I see it works.
Dr Lajos Kardos and his wife Erzsike are the proof to me that you can live a healthy life without pills! There are many success stories, tried and tested recipes, both on the human and veterinarian side. 
Did You Know There Is An Animal First? It can be used for cuts, injuries, skin wounds, hair, combing, after operations, and is good for almost everything Human First does, just for animal use. 
If you are interested in it, feel free to look for it at me!

Now I'm running the C9 from Monday, maybe I can finally get my weight below the limit, so I will be ready for 30 kms or over!
The products we use are Bright Toothpaste (used for 3 weeks, fluoride free, fine and less stones), Artic Sea (helps in learning, improves circulation, good for skin and hair) and Moist Lotion all day moisturizes and its scent is divine, I applied it in the morning, but I still feel it!

At Forever, we work with a team of doctors to teach the body to heal itself by strengthening the immune system beside traditional medicines!