Mira ,,Cannabis Sativa at Wendigos Wind”

Birth Date:2006.01.27.-2020.03.26
Sex: bitch
Colour: tricolour
CEA normal, tns and cl free! HD/B and ED free!
Mira had three wonderful litters. She is neutered, lives as a family pet with us.
Cro Ch- Croatian Champion 
Nagykanizsa CAC 2006.07.02.: VP 1.
Zagreb CACIB 2006.11.25.: PRM-Best junior bitch, qualified for Crufts 2007.
Budapest Derby 2006.12.16.Excellent
Zagreb CACIB 2007.03.03. Excellent 2.
Portoroz CACIB 2007.05.26. res CAC
Hrusica CAC 2007.06.03. res CAC
Mostar CACIB 2007.06.16 CAC, res CACIB
Vukovar CAC 2007.10.06. CAC, BOB
Osijek CACIB 2007.10.07. CAC, BOB
Budapest CACIB 2007.10.21.Excellent 4.
Zagreb British Sheepdog Special Show 2007.11.24. Excellent 1.
Zagreb British Sheepdog Special Show 2007.11.24. Breeding couple 2. with Wendevick Elgar ,,Bacca”
Celje CAC 2008.02.24. excellent 2.
Zagreb CACIB 2008.03.01. resCAC, resCACIB
Varazdin CACIB 2009.05.23. CAC, ResCACIB
Koprivnica CAC 2009.06.07. CAC