,,Flynn” Hot on Trail vom Windecker Land

After being one year old we took Flynn to the hip displasia, elbow and OCD test. Sadly we saw, that his hips are not so good. The photo was sent to the commitee for judging. There result is E. Me and Nicky are in tears. Both parents has A or B hips, and we have now an E. it can happen, genetics is hard. I am very thankful to Nicky giving this puppy boy to us. He is the best boy I have ever dreamen about. What a mover, what a showman! He is the nicest dog ever. Always wagging, smiling and true friend of our family. Only it is very hard for us to live this situation. Very hard for the heart. I am very thankful to Nicky how she cared for this hard situation. If all breeder did this I think we would have less bad hips. In Germany it is impossible to breed with C hips, but in Hungray there is restriction. Why? Naturally Flynn will be neutered soon and live as a pet with us.

I will reload and rethink my plans, let’s se what 2018. give us!

Serbian Junior Champion

neutered male

ED 0-0, OCD free
CEA, NCl, TNS normal by parentages
all eyes are clear
MDR +/+
Sire: Just a Gentle Touch from Carolyns Home
Dam: Jule Too Special Edition
​Breeder: Nicky Vorlaender
​Import Germany
HCSC Club Show- Baby Best in Show
2017.07.29 Aleksinac CAC- PRM, BOS
2017.07.29 Sokobanja CACIB- PRM, BOS, JBOG 3.
2017.09.03 HCSC Special CAC Budapest- HPJ, Junior BOB, res Junior Best in Show
2017.09.09 Karlovac CACIB- PRM, Best Junior, BOB, Junior BOG
2017.09.10 Karlovac CACIB- PRM, Best Junior, BOB, Junior 4 Rivers Winner