Planned litters

We plan litter for early 2019. from Honey and  Hope

Honey is the daughter of Blatt, may carry ee-red, carries blue colour. She is in season, planned date of mating around 20th February 2019.

Hope is  Blatt’ daughter, too, she was already mated to Cricket in mid-January. We expect strong boned puppies in black and ee-red, little chance for other colours as well.

Naja will be mated in autumn with an Australian dog, who lives abroad and succesful at shows. He is same type to Naja, so I hope for a special classical type puppies. She will come into season in May, but I am still thinking to mate her than opr wait her next season around October-November, we will see, we have not decided yet.


Feel free to contact us for more info: tkissvera@cranberrycottage .hu or via facebook: